January 01, 2005

artdemo+ELEKIT workshop art project | E+KIT PROJECT

Happy New Year!
Thank you for supporting / interesting our artdemo.project.

This year, we are going to have 1st big exhibition "Evolution Cafe ; New Generation New Media Artists Make Revolution Your Lifestyle on 21st Century" at BankART Yokohama, Japan. (exhibition web site = http://coolstates.com/evolution/)
At the exhibition, we are going to have new style workshop project with ELEKIT. I would like to invite you to participate the project.

The concept of workshop project, E+KIT, invents stimulate / attractive ICT gadgets, which will give to change user’s idea, through collaborate with creativities by new media artists, you, and small but unique Japanese ICT enterprise, ELEKIT, electric and robotic education / fun kit manufacture as known as one of official supplier of RoboCup Junior. (ELEKIT English web site = http://www.ELEKIT.co.jp/english/)

E+KIT aims electronic handicraft work becomes same as hand craft and interior design so it becomes more fun and intimate lifestyle activities through using new electric kit it would invent with you for the age of ICT lifestyle.

E+KIT is going to show at the exhibition, Evolution Cafe, as work in progress style showing, how invent and create prototype your work.

After the exhibition, ELEKIT will make realize to product by your artwork as ELEKIT’s new brand ELEKIT.plus out 2005 on global market.

Please consider to join our excited and invented project!

Your Trust
OKADA, Tomohiro
Director, Creative Cluster / artdemo
artdemo has change mane Creative Cluster since January 2005



The Project has pre selection since please give me your proposal for the project
We call 15 international artists and will pick 3-4 artist
The proposal is one idea piece of sketch, how the art work / product, gadget kit with electricity
ELEKIT selects proposal which well realize as product and propose you to make artwork as prototype of ELEKIT
For making artwork (prototype), ELEKIT pay 200,000 - 400,000 JPY each artist as presentation fee
According to work process of artwork (prototype), sketch, blueprint, prototype are going to show Evolution Cafe Exhibition.
After making finish the artwork (prototype) , ELEKIT will arrange to realize as the ELEKIT product with you
When realize the product, we will have an introducing exhibition in Tokyo or Yokohama


Copyright and intellectual property of the prototype artwork is co-share with the creative artist and EK Japan Co.,Ltd (manufacture and seller of ELEKIT)
EK Japan exclusively realizes as a product based by the prototype artwork
EK Japan pay royalty for the artist who made based the prototype artwork for selling percentage base, royalty percentage will discuss when realizing product term
For succeeding to realize the product, well cooperating relation ship between the artist and staff of EK Japan each other although communicating by e-mail base
The prototype artwork is going to make two master pieces, one collecting created artist and one collecting EK Japan
Cost is included presentation fee, if you need additional parts and works, we would talk to make solution
Collecting and exhibiting of the prototype artwork is able to be without permit each other after the Evolution Cafe Exhibition
When exhibiting the prototype artwork, an exhibitor must show the artist name and EK Japan Co.,Ltd as the supporter
The artist of the prototype artwork allows collecting the prototype artwork and making process in catalogue and documentation publishing


Proposing request for the artwork is able to work as hand made electrical kit which needing to make user self for realizing it
We do not have any request without "REGURATION 1." so we expecting your innovative and fun imagination and creation
The proposal of the kit will consider market price #1: 15 - 25 EUR or #2: 40 - 80 EUR
Our priority of selection will be possibility for creating new user / consumer target who never buy electrical kit
The prototype artwork requires must work as a constrictive kit
The prototype artwork making artist has to contribute blue print(s) of whole prototype artwork and all manufacturing parts, and figure instruction of how to make the kit


January 18th Project deadline of proposal as 1st sketch based proposal
We will call selected artists for proposing making the prototype artwork until end of January
* Requiring 1st sketch is one artwork per one sketch, any pieces of proposals are welcome
* You can describe of the sketch style free
* Please add and show the estimating price as the kit for the artwork #1: 15 - 25 EUR or #2: 40 - 80 EUR
* For sending your proposal sketch, sending by e-mail to OKADA, Tomohiro (tomohiro@coolstates.com) attaching with your sketch by PDF format, if you could not make PDF format please use by JPEG / PowerPoint / Illustrator format by high resolution A4 size

February 16th Due day of 2nd sketch for making a prototype artwork
* Work in progress exhibition is going to begin February 18th at “Evolution Cafe” exhibition in Yokohama by Creative Cluster / artdemo

March 9th Due day of final or in progress prototype artwork for contributing to ELEKIT
* The prototype artwork will exhibit at “Evolution Cafe” between March 10th through 15th

End of March Due day for contributing final prototype artwork and blue print(s) of whole prototype artwork and all manufacturing parts, and figure instruction of how to make the kit to ELEKIT
*Then we and you will develop for realizing as a consumer kit product based by the prototype artwork

For inquiring and contact:
OKADA, Tomohiro Managing Dicerctor : Creative Cluster
e-mail: okada@creativecluster.jp

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