January 01, 2007

Profile of Director : OKADA Tomohiro

OKADA Tomohiro at an old hotel in Syria

Director of Creative Cluster = OKADA Tomohiro

OKADA Tomohiro (Japan), was born in 1971. He graduated from the University of Tokyo with an M.A. in information studies, and has been the director of non profit new media culture and social development nation wide initiative, the Creative Cluster of Japan.
He has been interested in social innovation as a result of cultures using communication technology and new media.
He has worked on pre-production investigations and project start-up activities and curating and developing new media art and design field in Japan such as Japan Media Arts Festival (Agency of Cultural Affair), Yokohama City Art Network, DiVA (Digital and interactive/information Visual Art Research Completion and Exhibition), Groval Media -OTAKU- (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photogragh), Electrical Fantasista, Evolution Cafe and Y Innovation (Ministry of Econimics and Trade and Industry and Yokohama City Government), and has written and edited for international publications in the fields of new media culture and art.

Contact: CreativeCluster PR Section
e-mail: info@creativecluster.jp
Web Site: http://creativecluster.jp/

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